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Orp Smart Horn

Awww, just look at it. So cute! Here we have yet another horn system for the bike, but this time much smaller and more Knog-like than the other model we mentioned here. This dual light/horn device called an Orp is still in prototype mode and is just waiting for the rest of the Kickstarter money to come in to push them to production. The light has various functions as is expected, while the horn has a “friendly” mode at 76 decibels and a “loud” mode at 96 decibels, which registers higher than a car horn (yet lower than an elephant). The small size of this horn is most appealing, but I’m a little more skeptical on the warning sound. Louder than a car or not, I’m unconvinced a driver is going to react the same when they hear a high-pitched “warning” rather than the normal car horns they are used to hearing. I wonder if it’s possible to mimic a car horn with this device. Scroll down on the Kickstarter page to hear the warnings. But hey, it’ll sure get the attention of rail-trail walkers with their headphones on. The Kickstarter has 56 days left to their $90,000 goal.

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  1. MaxDecember 17, 2012 at 8:15 am

    “I’m a little more skeptical on the warning sound”
    Mee too.

    Also a link to the kickstarter page would have saved me another google search. ;)


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