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Nutcase Gen2 Helmet

Nutcase introduced an updated version of their classic helmet some time back, and now all current helmets in their street collection are the Gen2 design. Like the original version, the helmet features an injection molded ABS shell and EPS foam liner. They kept the same high quality straps and the innovative magnetic buckle system, and three sets of low-density foam pads are included to help tailor the helmet’s fit.

The big upgrade for the Gen2 helmets is the Spin Dial adjustment feature. The knob at the back of the helmet lets you adjust the tension with one hand, adding a higher level of comfort and fit to an already successful design.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the Gen2 helmet. Like the classic helmet, the construction and finish are above average, and the comfort and fit are spot on. I really do wish the helmet had more ventilation, though. On a 90° day, the foam pads soak up a ton of sweat which inevitably comes pouring down your face at an inopportune time. Of course, in the colder months the lack of ventilation is probably going to be a blessing.

The adult Gen2 helmets are available in two sizes: S/M (52-60 cm) and the L/XL (61-64 cm), and in kid’s size XS (46-52 cm). Retail price is $55. Visit www.nutcasehelmets.com for more info.

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