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NiteRider Lightning Bug 100 USB

NiteRider Lightning Bug 100 USBThe Lightning Bug 100 USB is NiteRider’s idea of a high-quality light for the practical commuter. Meaning that it’s affordable yet powerful. It features trickle down technology from their Lumina and Mako lines, yet retains the simplicity of the original Lightning Bug.

As the name implies, it features a 100 lumen maximum output. There’s also a 50 lumen mode, as well as a flashing mode intended for daylight safety. The 800mA battery charges in 2.5 hours via USB, and provides an equal amount of runtime on high (6 hours on low, 26 flashing).

NiteRider Lightning Bug 100 USBThe simple, tool-free silicone mounting system is convenient and easy to use, even with gloves on. You don’t need to stretch the band terribly tight to make the light stay put, which bodes well for it not snapping after extended use. The whole unit feels like its built to last, which is generally the case with all NiteRider products.

DSC_1051The beam pattern is pretty soft and wide, which I personally appreciate. Of course in this day and age of 1000 lumen commuting lights, the humble Lightning Bug isn’t nearly the brightest light on the road. But many of us remember when 100 lumens was considered super bright, and it’s still enough to get you around town safely at night.

The Lightning Bug 100 USB retails for $39. Check out www.niterider.com

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  1. RDWMarch 10, 2014 at 8:20 am

    I’ve been using a NiteRider Minewt Mini USB for years now and still really like it. Same maximum lumens I think, but the Minewt doesn’t have a flashing mode. Anybody know how this compares otherwise? One of these might be going on my wife’s commuter.

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