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New York Bike Sharing

I know, the concept of SHARING in New York? The stereotype of the everday citizen would lead us to think otherwise, but The Big Apple is prepared to prove the naysayers wrong by implementing the biggest bike sharing program in the country once they secure approximately $50 million dollars through corporate sponsorship, which negates the need to utilize transportation tax dollars. The plans call for implentation of the program next summer, which is being spearheaded by an Oregon company, Alta Planning and Design.

I remember the days when “bike sharing programs” consisted of grassroots organizations painting bikes yellow and sending them out into the streets….to ultimately get stolen, trashed and rendered useless. The intentions were great, but the “sharing” concept was lost upon implementation. These new sharing programs are more akin to video rentals than a communal free-for-all, which have proven to be much more sustainable. The bikes are supposed to be highly theft proof and I’m sure New York will put them to the test. Regardless, this program gives cyclists (and tourists) one more reason to heart NY.

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  1. dynaryderNovember 25, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Bike sharing’s been working pretty well down here in DC. I’ve got a membership because I used to multi-mode commute and the share bikes are great for getting to Metro(subway) without leaving one of my bikes parked in a theft hot spot all day. I don’t think we’ve had any stolen,but then they’re not exactly pimp rides. I understand NYC’s pretty flat;the 3sp/roller brake euro bikes we’ve got here will prolly work out much better than they do here in hilly DC(pro tip,check how well the brakes work before riding into traffic).

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    [...] advocacy group, will also conduct lessons and camps for beginners all free of charge. With the bike sharing program coming to NYC soon, an influx of new riders is expected and this practice space might become more [...]

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