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National Brotherhood of Cyclists Host Oakland CA Bike Blessing

For a number of economic, social and cultural reasons there is no denying that African American participation in cycling is not what it should be simply given population and overall ridership statistics. The National Brotherhood of Cyclists is a coalition of African American cycling groups across the country working to change the status quo and bring two wheels to communities across the country that the mainstream cycling industry and press (including us) simply doesn’t reach. Their second annual summit just concluded this weekend in the San Francisco Bay area, with one of the events being a blessing of bikes and riders at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland CA as reported on by SFGate.

The blessing was part of a four-day convention of African American bicyclists sponsored by the Nashville-based National Brotherhood of Cyclists.

Its goal is to encourage more black men and women to exercise in hopes of reducing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other afflictions common in the community.

“A lot of these diseases are curable with exercise,” said the club’s president, Bruce Woods, an arborist from Pittsburgh, Pa., noting that the social component of a bike club can make a person feel better as well.

I’m honored to work side by side with Bruce on the Board of Directors of Bike Pittsburgh to improve cycling in our hometown, and couldn’t be more thrilled to see what he is spearheading as the President of the National Brotherhood of Cyclists. Read about the similar, longer standing New York based Blessing of the Bikes in Urban Velo #26.

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