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NAHBS 2009 Thursday Part 2

nahbs_09_day148 nahbs_09_day150

More images from the load-in and setup day of the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show available below.

nahbs_09_day146 nahbs_09_day143 nahbs_09_day148

Jeremy Sycip for once had to fly to a tradeshow, learning the plight of most everyone east of the Mississippi since the mid-nineties. He brought this 650b mountain bike for the show, as people continue to clamor for this in-between wheel size. Not 26″, not 29″, but 650b.

nahbs_09_day150 nahbs_09_day151 nahbs_09_day152 nahbs_09_day154 nahbs_09_day155

Peacock Groove is back this year, having missed the Portland show. This is builder Eric Noren’s personal bike, with paint applied by Keith Anderson in the requested Yipes! Stripes! motif. While many people seem to think those are custom riser bars they are not – try old Bontrager Crow Bars topped off with some Noren style.

nahbs_09_day156 nahbs_09_day157 nahbs_09_day158

It’s good to be the daughter of show promoter Don Walker, especially living in Indianapolis home of the Major Taylor velodrome with the shop just down the road from Zipp Speed Weaponry. She’ll learn track racing from one of the best in the area as a stoker on this over the top tandem build.

nahbs_09_day159 nahbs_09_day160 nahbs_09_day162 nahbs_09_day163

Geekhouse has a booth this time around, showing off his curved seat tube designs and segmented forks. Check out the 20mm thru-axle front hub and the very subtle tensioners built into the track ends. It’s the small touches at the show that make the biggest bang.

nahbs_09_day164 nahbs_09_day165 nahbs_09_day166

Co-Motion had this ‘cross and back country touring build on display, featuring mainly mountain componentry and S+S couplers to make travel to far off lands that much easier.

nahbs_09_day167 nahbs_09_day168 nahbs_09_day169 nahbs_09_day171

Cherubim had this very fancy mini-velo bicycle on display with Hed recumbent wheels and a reverse mounted front brake. There are a few mini-velo bikes around this year, which are rather popular in Japan and Taiwan.

nahbs_09_day172 nahbs_09_day173 nahbs_09_day175 nahbs_09_day178
Dean Titanium was showing off this double top tube 29″ mountain frame and fork and had it ready for some early photos. Dean has been around for some time now and knows how to crank out some of the finest titanium bicycles around, full custom or production.

nahbs_09_day180 nahbs_09_day181 nahbs_09_day182 nahbs_09_day183 nahbs_09_day185 nahbs_09_day186 nahbs_09_day188 nahbs_09_day189

Villin is out of Gainesville FL and had both this retro inspired mountain bike with a fastback seat cluster and this classic lugged steel track frame in the booth for consumption. Watch for a double top tubed mountain bike in the next batch of images.


  1. Michael WendellFebruary 27, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    As always guys, the coverage is stunning. Great, great photographs.

  2. s carterFebruary 27, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    damn! that geekhouse machine sure is perty! i hope you post some more images of their other bikes too…

  3. TerryFebruary 27, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    Great pictures. Love the Dean bike.

  4. StephenFebruary 28, 2009 at 11:07 am

    How about October? Got any pics or news on them? I’m hearing good things…

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