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NAHBS 2008, Sunday Feb 10th

ira.jpg vanilla.jpg

Last update, shots from Sunday February 10th at the Handmade Bicycle Show. 300+ photos total from the show. Soon we’ll organize these into a few alphabetical pages for easier overall viewing of the 2008 show.

Thanks for reading along, click for 70+ images from the final day.

333.jpg 333back.jpg 333front.jpg 333front2.jpg 333ht.jpg

333 Fab wheeled this singlespeed cross racing bicycle over. Amazingly light, this bike is meant for speed in the muck.

antside.jpg antback.jpg antfork.jpg antfront.jpg antht.jpg antrack.jpg

Alternative Needs Transportation has been a favorite of mine for a long time, with this bike turning my head a few times before I got the chance to shoot it. The lovely D rack, plate crown and that double top tube make this one stand out.

brokeland1.jpg brokeland2.jpg brokelandback.jpg brokelandht.jpg

Just at the end of the day I grabbed this one from the Broakland booth, the Meat Wagon. Gristle and bones. Made for a 650 front wheel with a 74degree head angle for street trick riding, slide a 700c in and slacken up the angles for a high bottom bracket road trainer. Riding this one around the parking lot just before hitting the airport was a treat.

crumpton.jpg crumptonbb.jpg crumptonside.jpg crumptontt.jpg crumptony.jpg

Crumpton was showing off this beautifully laid carbon frame. I love the way the panels come together to form this structure. The cutting edge of carbon bicycle frames.

engin1.jpg enginback.jpg enginht.jpg enginst.jpg enginstem.jpg

We have a winner! Making Pennsylvania proud. Engin took home the best mountain bike category with this gem.

igleheart.jpg igleheartback.jpg igleheartdrop.jpg igleheartfork.jpg igleheartside.jpg

Igleheart had this track bike on display, custom for a customer. She’s light, so the radial lacing up front should be cool. Coming from a mountain bike background, I like the aesthetic of the segmented fork Chris makes so well.

ira1.jpg iraback.jpg irafender.jpg irafront.jpg iraht.jpg iralug.jpg

Stopped by Ira Ryan’s booth and picked out the mixte for the photo booth. He gave me a high five and a hell yeah for the choice, so take that as you will. The stainless touch on the fender flap is choice.

maietta.jpg maiettafront.jpgmaiettaht.jpg maiettaside.jpg

Maietta made this bike, which really pops on the white. Can’t ask for anything nicer.

potts.jpg pottsdrop.jpg pottsfork.jpg pottsforkht.jpg pottsside.jpg

Steve Potts knows how to make a rigid fork, and thats an understatement. The original high performance, boutique rigid fork is back around for big wheels, coupled with a ti frame welded by the mountain bike pioneer himself.

townsednb.jpg townsendbback.jpg townsednbfront.jpg townsednsbb.jpg townsednsht.jpg townsends.jpg townsendsf.jpg townsendsst.jpg

Townsend makes some really beautiful, traditional lugged bikes. Check the flat crown on the road bike, just not something you see much of these days.

vanilla1.jpg vanillaside.jpg vanillaside2.jpg vanillatt.jpg

It’s good to be Sacha White’s daughter. This is her personal ride. Not bad for an eight-year-old. Dinged up, as it should be. Even if her friends wanted one, they’d be 13 by the time it’s ready. Get on the list, it’s a long one.

weigle.jpg weigleback.jpg weiglefront.jpg weigleht.jpg weiglelug.jpg weiglepump.jpg weiglerack.jpg weigletl.jpg

Talking with Peter Weigle was a great experience of the show. At one point we talked about how each of us disproportionally loves the old beater with the basket as compared to the better, more expensive bikes at our disposal. A traditional craftsmen, there is little flare to his bikes, just precise touches. See those cut lugs? Not just for looks, the cuts themselves allow the lugs to be massaged to the desired geometry without deformation. The taillight is custom, and shines steady to satisfy a French rule book proclaiming blinking as distracting for randonneurs behind.

ybarollaback.jpg ybarrola.jpg ybarollabb.jpg ybarolladrop.jpg ybarollaht.jpg ybarollalug.jpg ybarollatt.jpg

Ybarolla choce this bike for photography, and who am I to argue? This one is begging for some miles, and will surely see them. I’ve grown to love pencil stays on bikes, and these are no exception.

Thanks for reading along, and thanks for the patience on these last pictures. Thats about it for the Urban Velo Handmade Show coverage for 2008, hope you enjoyed it. Bring on Indianapolis.


  1. rickFebruary 13, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    I had originally planned on going to the show but circumstances dictated otherwise. The quality of the photos on Uban Velo is a very close second to being there. Nothing else on the net compares to the work you folks have done. Thanks Brad! (got it right this time). Truly outstanding.

    If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words than I guess these photos are worth 328,000 words.

  2. Steve WestFebruary 18, 2008 at 11:27 pm

    Nice to see you had a good time. You suck. Okay, I’m just jealous.

  3. YowsaFebruary 26, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Fuck you, Fuck me, Let’s Fuck each other.

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