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NAHBS 2008, Friday Feb 8th – 2

if202.jpg villin1.jpg

Part two of Friday’s images, bringing the running total to 150+.

huntercargo.jpghuntercargo2.jpg huntercargo3.jpg hunterlong.jpg hunterlongback.jpg hunterlongback2.jpg hunterlongback3.jpg

Hunter was showing off these cargo bikes in addition to his other more typical offerings. The 20in wheels and large, low platforms keeps loads close to ground, improving handling.

if203.jpg if20front.jpg if20rear.jpg iftrack.jpg iftrackback.jpg iftracklug.jpg iftrackseat.jpg

Independent Fabrications never ceases to amaze with ingenuity and craftsmanship rolled into one. 20in wheels harken back to the short lived days of F1 racing.

kirk.jpg kirkback.jpg kirkder.jpg kirkht.jpg

Kirk brought this road bike over to show off some lugs and stunning paint.

naked.jpg nakedback.jpg nakedbar.jpg nakedbrake.jpg nakeddrop.jpg nakedfront.jpgnakedst.jpg

Naked from BC. Crazy. Internally routed front brake cable, completely custom bars with built in grips, eccentric dropouts, integrated seatmast. Total show bike.

profront.jpg proletariat.jpg prostays.jpg

Proletariat and their road bike were turning some heads.

renovo.jpg renovoht.jpg renovost.jpg renovost2.jpg

Portland locals Renovo were showing off these bikes with front triangles made from sustainable hardwoods. Check those finger joints! 18lbs complete.

retrotec.jpg retrotecbacl.jpg retrotecfork.jpg retrotectt.jpg

Those signature Retrotec curves. I’m a sucker for lugged fork dropouts.

rrvelo.jpg rrvelobb.jpgrrveloht.jpg rrvelorear.jpg rrvelost.jpgrrvelost.jpg

The paint on this one from RRVELO really caught my eye. It’ll look even nicer covered in mud on a ‘cross loop.

rue.jpg rueder.jpg ruederbrake.jpg ruederf.jpg ruedetail.jpg rueht.jpg rueseatstay.jpg ruegamer.jpg ruegamerfront.jpg

Rue Sports had both of these carbon bicycles on display. Yes, carbon. The first sports an ultra-rare Campy Olympic group of which only 100 were rumored to have ben made, and who knows how many are left in pristine condition. The track bike is Brent’s personal ride.

ventana.jpg ventanafront.jpg ventanaseat.jpg

Ventana always brings out mountain bikes waiting for a ride.

villin2.jpg villinbb.jpgvillinbendix.jpg villinfront.jpg

After years of talking with Alexis at Villin, I finally got the meet him and this beauty of a bike. Copper wrapped tied and soldered logs, Bendix two-speed kickback hub. Oh yeah, total lust.

yip.jpg yipfront.jpg yip650.jpg yip650drop.jpg yip650front.jpg

Yipsan bicycles is making their premier at the show this year, and with some pretty bikes. 650b mountain bikes are here, at least in the custom field.


  1. unixd0rkFebruary 9, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    some awesome pics man. definitely inspiration for my upcoming trials bike framebuild.

  2. 96SurferFebruary 9, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    The RRVelo cross bike is SWEET! I thought i wanted a Speedvagen but a CARBON Cross Bike is it.

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