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NAHBS 2008, Friday Feb 8th – 1

bilenkyfront.jpg grounduppink.jpg

Handmade Show 2008, Friday. 45 more pictures to share.

ahearn.jpg ahearnefork.jpg ahearnefront.jpg ahearneshifter.jpg ahearnest.jpg

Ahearne has this city bike on display. Stem mounted shifter, custom rack, elegant lugs.

arantix.jpg arantixcs.jpg arantixdo.jpg arantixst.jpg arantixst2.jpg

Arantix has created this machine from a carbon/kevlar weave. Strong, light, expensive with the 300+ hours of work per frame. Any sort of damage is limited to the given short length damaged, up to the next joint preventing the propagation of any failure.

bilenkyfront1.jpg bilenkylight.jpg bilenkylug.jpg bilenkytour.jpg bilenkytourback.jpg bilenkytourfront.jpg

Bilenky, from Pennsylvania. Real-deal city and touring bicycles, from folks that love them.

blackcat.jpg blackcatdropout.jpg blackcatfront.jpg blackcatht.jpg

Black Cat bike and their unique pivoting dropout for chain tensioning duties. Nice lines on the seattube as well.

castellano.jpg castellanoback.jpg castellanodrop.jpg castellanoshock.jpg

Castellano and the Silk Ti. Years of riding show that the design works, all without a pivot and now with 29″ wheels.

cloud9.jpg cloud9tt.jpg

Cloud 9 had this road bike on display and under the lights.

donkey.jpg donkeyfront.jpg donkeyrear.jpg

Donkelope tandem. Internal gears, Profile cranks.

engin.jpg enginetop.jpg enginfront.jpg

Engin 29″ mountain touring bicycle. Another PA builder.

goodtimes.jpg goodtimesdrop.jpg goodtimesht.jpg goodtimesst.jpg

Goodtimes ‘cross with a lime paintjob.

groundupcopper.jpg groundupcopperrear.jpg groundupcopperside.jpg groundupcopperwheel.jpggrounduppink1.jpg grounduppinkback.jpg grounduppinkback2.jpggrounduppinkcs.jpggrounduptogether.jpg

Groundup designs some of the most interesting looking bikes made for competition out there from the Colorado Springs HQ. Racing is what its all about with these two.

Look out for part two of Friday’s photography as this installment needs cut short, as its now 1am here in Portland and time for some rest.


  1. sumadisFebruary 9, 2008 at 4:07 am

    dammn kilogram.
    best photos of the show ever.
    ground up me want some,
    swingin dropouts
    bring it
    shizizsweet n
    all the kids wantsum
    can’t geddit
    less brad bringsum
    keep it comin
    keep it comin

  2. jugsterUKFebruary 9, 2008 at 11:58 am

    That green Bilenky with silver lugs is veeerrry pretty!

  3. flatblackcapoFebruary 13, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    thanx for the pix!
    ground up, can you put your weed in thar
    that shit is chopper

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