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Motion-Reactive Helmet Lighting System

I thought about posting the video EVERYONE has been posting regarding the “Invisible Helmet”, but instead I found something equally as cool, but unfortunately, also as impractical. First, my problem with the Invisible Helmet is not only it’s neck brace aesthetic in warmer climates, but the fact that one small tumble or quick jerk, even without an honest physical threat looming, blows your $600. It just doesn’t seem worth it, no matter how cool the idea is. Allow the user to “reload” the airbag and then you’ve got something.

Similarly, this kickstarter project is seeking funding for a turn signal and brake light apparatus to mount on your helmet. This allows you to signal left or right with just a slight tilt of your head to either side, and a tilt back engages the brake lights. It seems pretty cool and does show that turning your head around won’t activate the lights, but I’m still not sold. First, the turn signals aren’t “standard” and so most, if not all, drivers won’t even recognize them as turn signals, potentially giving you a false sense of security to pull in front of a car just because you tilted your head. The brake light has a little more real world application, but how many of us ride with our head completely stable, especially while in groups. I don’t buy that normal head movements while riding and talking wouldn’t activate the lights, sending many signals to those behind you, mostly confusing ones. So again, this is a cool concept, but will need a little more practical application tinkering before it becomes legit. What do you think?

I’ll just stick with my hand and finger signals for the time being.

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  1. J ShuffAugust 17, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Well apparently they are discontinued.. FOREVER!! Too bad, I wanted one.

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