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Montano Velo Shop Tour Oakland CA

Broakland bikes and parts have been covered a number of times, and Jason Montano has shot a couple of features for us in the past—it’s about time to feature the shop with his family name on it. Montano Velo is my home shop far away from home—when hanging in the Bay Area the shop on Piedmont Ave becomes my spot to assemble bikes, start rides, get directions and generally find out what’s happening and worth visiting while in town. The shop recently pared down to a smaller footprint, focusing their work on the top end service and high end road and track sales they’re known for. There’s some serious mechanical and fit knowledge going around, with a certain no-bullshit love of riding to match. Most of these shots were snapped in the final hours before the 2012 NAHBS, a frantic time for pressing in headsets with a baby in tow. I’d a recommend a visit next time you’re on two wheels in Oakland CA—as the jersey says, 11-7 Saturday 10-5 closed Sundays and Mondays.

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