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Mission Workshop Acre Series Trigger Riding Jacket

The Acre series is home to Mission Workshop’s performance clothing and the Trigger riding jacket is their first piece in the line. Might as well cut to the chase — this is the top quality, North American made, great fitting, tech jacket you’ve always wanted, and it costs $285. The cliche of getting what you pay for holds true with clothing as much as it does with bicycles or much anything else in life, and few reading this review would recommend the least expensive solution to every problem. The Trigger is not the least expensive riding jacket on the market, but perhaps one of the nicest.

The Trigger is meant for those days where a light jacket or hoodie isn’t going to cut it, but not quite for all out winter conditions. Perfect for those fall and spring rides in the 40s and 50s, or down through freezing with a thick wool layer underneath. The jacket is windproof and water resistant thanks to the Schoeller WB400 fabric, fine for everything but a soaking rain, and rather well suited to the San Francisco weather Mission Workshop is familiar with.

The jacket is not a riding jacket in name only, and is made with on the bike comfort as top priority. It is cut for slender, stereotypically cyclist-shaped riders with a slightly extended tail and longer than normal sleeves for proper fit when in the drops, with a large left-hand access rear cargo pocket for small items. The cuffs feature thumb holes for an extra bit of hand warmth when you’re caught without gloves, and the inside of the collar has a brushed texture so it doesn’t chafe your neck and chin, or catch your whiskers. Inside the jacket there are small pockets on each side for a cell phone or small wallet, each with a headphone port if you’re so inclined. The Trigger is trimmed at the cuff, collar and bottom with glass bead reflective piping for added visibility from car headlights.

Over the past six weeks I’ve been wearing this jacket for nearly every ride — ’tis the season for cold autumn weather and biting wind. At freezing or below temperatures around town I’ve found myself turning to a heavier shell than the Trigger, but it works well into the upper 20s if your plan is to keep moving. While it would affect the sleek look of the jacket, I do wish that it had pit zips for ventilation and heat management — at this time of year it can be drastically colder on one side of a hill than the other, and avoiding sweating on the uphill can really save you from freezing on the way back down. For off the bike use I would prefer the jacket to have front hand pockets, though the rear pocket does lend a great place to stash a lightweight pair of gloves. When it comes to on the bike use in cool fall temperatures, this is my favorite riding jacket I’ve yet extensively used. In my experience Schoeller fabric is some of the most durable fabric out there, retaining both the look and technical performance as the years go by and I expect nothing less from the Trigger. A perfect fit for me, with the technical features to stay comfortable and worried about the ride and not the jacket. Available in four sizes, S-XL, from www.missionworkshop.com.

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  1. sarahelizabethDecember 22, 2012 at 11:11 am

    kyle!!! looking dapper as always!

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