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Minneapolis Reports Data Supporting Safety In Cyclist Numbers

The Minneapolis-St Paul MN Star Tribune had a brief story this past weekend about newly released city data that supports the notion that more cyclists on the road actually results in fewer bicycle-car collisions.

Recently crunched city data show the reported cyclist-motorist accident rate dropping as the number of bike commuters grows. For 2008, the most recent year for which complete data were available, the crash rate was one-quarter that of 10 years earlier. Moreover, a trend line shows a steady decrease in the crash rate even as the number of commuting cyclists more than doubled.

Familiarity breeds safety, one city bike advocate believes. “People are so used to seeing bicyclists — love them or hate — and they don’t want to hit them,” said Shaun Murphy, coordinator of the city’s nonmotorized transportation program. Murphy said the map of hot spots for bike-car accidents doesn’t show major issues around the University of Minnesota because drivers there are so used to watching for bikes.

Read the entire article at www.startribune.com.


  1. Joe PeraltaFebruary 9, 2011 at 5:08 am

    Nice to see people with academic credentials catching onto the value of imprinting the image on drivers’ minds.

    Meanwhile at the NY Times on Monday, “Traffic Deaths in the City Rose Slightly Last Year” – overall up 5%, but for motorcyclists up 34%, and for cyclists up 50% year to year. Don’t panic – cycling fatalities went from 12 to 18 – but I still wouldn’t call a 50% increase “slight”. Maybe I’m just hyper-sensitive and need counseling from somebody better adjusted to mechanized life.


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