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Milwaukee “MKE” Grips

The Milwaukee Bicycle Company has a well-earned good reputation in the urban cycling market. So when it comes to something as simple as BMX-style grips, people not only expect decent grips, they expect more. And Milwaukee delivers the goods.

The MKE grips are soft, wide (145mm) and grippy with a high inner flange. What really makes me like these grips are the thick rubber at the outer edge, and the over-sized bar plugs that come in the package. It’s a matter of safety, and when it comes to fixed-gear freestyle or bike polo, an extra measure of protection helps.

I have noticed a bit of wear after a few months, but nothing to write home about. And I did use a bit of silicon adhesive to keep them from slipping on the handlebar, but that’s not absolutely necessary.

The MKE grips retail for $12. Visit www.benscycle.net for more information.

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