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Milenio QR Concept Bike

Milenio QRI recently received an email from Damon Nawrozki, one of my contacts in the GT/Cannondale industrial design department. He writes:

I wanted to share with you an urban research project I completed that was recently shown at Eurobike. On the project for GT, we researched emerging cycling markets around the globe and zeroed in on Bogota, Columbia. We flew down there and did research on the TransMilenio paved urban trail system throughout Bogota and were blown away! This trail system thoroughly links bus routes, to paved cycling trails, to towns just outside Bogota. The trail system is truly the best and cheapest way to get around the city with all the traffic. We also looked at the overwhelming number of cargo bikes there that are integrated seamlessly into their daily lives.

With this Milenio QR concept, the rider can hop on a bus with his bike in his home town, get off the bus, then ride one of the many paved trails to his job in Bogota. When he gets into the city, there could be e-powered cargo modules for rent that the bicycle “slots” into. He/She can make deliveries as needed. People could rent this e-powered cargo module to carry anything across town, then re-dock it at the many stations throughout Bogota.

We built the prototype and can physically illustrate the interchangeability between cargo and regular bike mode.

Check out more photos at BikeRadar.com.

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