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Me & My Bike (A Love Story)

My family has apparently gotten a bit of the publishing bug, as I’m not the only one talking web traffic and writing contributors at the family gatherings. My cousin runs Twoday Magazine, an online publication focusing on life, love and relationships, and they just posted a piece Me & My Bike (A Love Story). It’s nothing new for those of long ago hooked on two wheels and reading cycling websites, but nonetheless always good to see a more mainstream view of cycling that focuses on how enjoyable the experience is without a drumbeat of environmentalism or overcoming fear.

Riding around in the South Side I found my favorite antique store, Zenith. I also ran across a Thai food restaurant that I quickly became addicted to. After every ride, I found myself happier and less stressed. I didn’t have to worry about finding parking and could weave through traffic.

Someone also pointed out, “You experience the city in a much different way then when you are encased in a car. At a little bit slower pace, you take so much more in. You learn very quickly to live in the present while riding a bike. You have to be on guard with traffic around you. You never know when a car might pull out in front of you, a car door open, or when a squirrel might run into your path.”

Read the entire article at Twoday Magazine.

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  1. TerryApril 6, 2012 at 7:02 am

    That’s an enjoyable “happy” view of bicycling. Much better than the militant “cars suck” type of article that is so prevalent nowadays.

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