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Lezyne Phone Wallet

Lezyne Phone WalletThe Zezyne Phone Wallet is a nice accessory for the minimalist cyclist on the go. You can pack your phone, a couple credit cards, your ID, and some cash into the designated compartments, then stash the whole thing in your jersey pocket or in your bag.

The touchscreen friendly window inside lets you operate your mobile device, and the pocket is large enough to make the iPhone seem puny. While it is nice (and perhaps even necessary) to be able to accommodate large devices and even ones inside protective cases, the end result is a rather large wallet (145 x 100 x 25 mm). It’s too big to comfortably hold in your front pocket, which is where I normally carry my phone.

While the wallet is water resistant, it is nowhere near waterproof. If exposed to a serious downpour it could let a considerable amount of water into the phone compartment at the point where the zipper comes to a close. On the bright side, the overall construction is top notch, and the materials seem durable enough that the wallet might outlive the phone it’s designed to carry.

The Lezyne Phone Wallet retails for $20 and comes in grey or black. Check out www.lezyne.com

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  1. GirlCaliRiderAugust 14, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    I love this – looks well designed and appears good quality. Times really have changed. I remember coming into a bike store just a couple of year ago, asking about mounting my iphone, and they would like what?? you want cell phone on bike, girl?? Not that LBS changed much, but so many great solution around to bring my iphone on bike. I got this one and I love it: http://www.bike2power.com/iphone-5s-waterproof-touch-id-bike-mount.html I am sure there are many more.

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