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Kenda Kwick Tendril Tire Review

For the past couple of months I’ve been running Kenda Kwick Tendril tires on my polo bike, giving them a pretty abusive run through in the process. I was on the hunt for a larger volume tire with minimal tread and good flat protection that was also available for a 26″ wheel and wasn’t going to break the bank—the $35 Kwick Tendril met the bill. It is not the cheapest tire you can purchase, but one shouldn’t expect a folding bead and effective flat protection for much less. I tend to go through rear tires on my polo bike pretty regularly and these from Kenda were no different as I managed to skid through them in 3 or 4 weeks time on a rough surface heavy on the rear brake. I wouldn’t say the tires were any more prone to wear than usual, just not particularly long lived under the abusive circumstances. More representatively, the front tire has remained unchanged for some time and show no particular signs of premature wear. Even when riding through the ‘hood and on glass strew courts I’ve managed to stay flat-free for months, always a welcome part of a tire review. Overall I’m pleased with them, and would recommend these tires as everyday city tires in a second. They’re not performance tires and neither are they meant to be, I wouldn’t go putting these on your road bike hoping for the next speed record or a supple ride. Available in 26 x 1.5 and 1.75 for mountain bike commuter conversions and 700 x 25-38 from most any shop around, see www.kendausa.com for the complete commuter line.

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