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Kale Or Be Killed – Meet Laura Kline

klineAs the creators of Kale Or Be Killed put it, “Stephanie and Laura are all about being healthy, happy, and their baddest, fittest selves. These healthy hustlas are here to make sure staying in shape and eating healthy make you feel like you’re getting away with murder, without hurting a fly.

Keepin’ it so real, it’s organic.”

Part of their mission is to introduce readers to various (vegan) individuals who offer something in the way of living full, healthy, active lives. (Disclaimer: I was one of them). They recently interviewed duathlete, Laura Kline, where she talks about her perspectives related to eating, training and living.

What race are you most proud of?
Winning the 2012 Duathlon World Championship in Nancy, France. It was a great experience to achieve that result against the world’s best, and it was one of those days where everything just clicked. It felt amazing!

Read other interviews here, including Steph Crumley of Superb Bicycles.

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