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Jason Roberts TED Talk

It’s a little long, but the dude talks quickly so it’s easy to stay engaged, especially when his story is so amusing. The gist of it is that Roberts and his friends decided that instead of going through all the tedious regulations and getting permission from the city to change where they live for the better, they would just go ahead and do it themselves. It started with a lot of bike initiatives (lanes, art, etc.) and they always seem to incorporate bikes or some form of alternative transportation into their plans. Surprisingly, they almost always work and even establish permanent solutions to areas that were once abandoned and unused. There are some great lessons to be learned here. Take the time to watch the whole thing.

Via Upworthy.

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  1. bergerandfriesNovember 1, 2012 at 9:40 am

    So Jason is a local guy for me. The upside is the amount of traction he’s gotten in local politics. He’s also running for US Congress (I’d vote for him). The downside is that the “just go do it, legal or illegal” is creating a backlash, of course, targeted at cyclists, the easiest and most visible folks to lash out at. Someone is painting shared lane markings on Dallas streets, and pissing City Staff off and now Council too. So you are left with a Mayor that is a bicyclist, with a council and staff that are telling him to go stick it. I’ll keep riding, don’t worry, but I don’t expect much company to join me soon…

  2. scottNovember 1, 2012 at 11:05 am

    I’ve also expressed my skepticism on this being a constantly viable tactic. My friends and I have been doing similar things like this (political, recreational, etc.) for awhile and we are lucky to get away with one or two of them. Usually the cops are on us from the get go and squash any attempt. I’m curious what sort of social climate these projects are being carried out within. Not to knock it though…if you can get away with this…do it! You know, considering you take into consideration dynamics of gentrification, white privelege, community involvement, longevity, etc. etc.

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