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Books on Wheels

The MobookMobikeMobile

By Shelley Briggs

Promoting literacy and alternative transportation is the mission of Richmond, VA based Books on Wheels. At events in varying neighborhoods people are encouraged to take a book from the MobookMobikeMobile while their bicycle is fixed, all for no fee. What follows are some stories from a recent stint on the road in June, hitting Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD and Harrisonburg VA over the course of a week as told by Shelley Briggs, one half of this organization.

June 24th
Philadelphia, Ben’s House

We arrived in West Philadelphia around 9am and pulled up to our friend Chance’s house where we would be staying for the next few days. Since it was early, I napped in the park across from the house while Books on Wheels partner Ward read and made sure no one bothered us. Chance appeared around 11, letting us in to unload, even though we planned on sleeping in the bus. When it was time to leave for our event, Chance decided to come with us and help out. We headed into West Philly to set up outside of our friend Ben’s house.



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