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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Bicycles can be a door to much greater knowledge and understanding. Personally, I can trace the development of my interest in all things mechanical back to countless hours in my parent’s garage tearing apart my bicycle just to find out how it went back together. In particular, upon my dad’s urging, I remember taking apart my first real bike and laying it all out on newspaper in the basement one winter. It may have taken me a week to put it back together, and I never did find out where the “extra” parts went, but ever since I’ve been empowered to turn my own wrenches.

Community cycling advocates around the country are opening such doors to those who may otherwise not have that opportunity. Featured on page 52, the MobookMobikeMobile delivers books and bike mechanics to urban communities that could use a bit of empowerment outside of the usual systems that all too often fail to serve our neighbors adequately. The ways that bicycles can help shape our communities go far beyond stripes on the road and reduced oil consumption and right to the heart of what makes a healthy neighborhood.

Get up, get into it and get involved.

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