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Ski Boys

By Jeff Guerrero

The 2007 Bicycle Film Festival in NYC kicked off with an oddly named piece called Ski Boys. Directed by Canadian filmmaker Benny Zenga, it features Benny and his brother Christian, who take turns filming and performing their own stunts. The film was shot in Super 8 format, an old-school film medium that helped impart a beautiful, dreamlike quality.

The eight-minute film was scored by indie rock artists Jonathan Kane and From Monument To Masses. Each contributed an instrumental song that corresponded wonderfully with the visual narrative. Because there’s no dialogue, Ski Boys requires the viewer to infer a storyline. Most will deduce that the film is about having fun, being active and creating your own entertainment.

A visit to Benny Zenga’s website reveals more about the film. Zenga was instrumental in creating The Winking Circle, a youth collective with a passion for freak bikes and stunts. The tallbikes and handcycles that appear in the film were built by Zenga and friends, as were the ramps, sleds and assorted instruments of amusement.

We asked Benny Zenga what he’s been up to these days and he responded, “I’m working on a film about riding bicycles across Africa at the moment, teaming up with fellow BFF filmmaker Brian Vernor (director of Pure Sweet Hell). He’s been writing a journal for VeloNews, and we will have a shot ready for this year’s Bicycle Film Festival.”


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