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I Love Riding in the City

NAME: Christopher Gough
LOCATION: Baltimore, MD
OCCUPATION: Pro Firefighter

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?

I live just outside of Baltimore, MD. Riding in the downtown area is a lot of fun, but not safe due to the lack of bike lanes, and a lot of big trucks. The Inner Harbor area is nice, but can be too crowded with pedestrians and lost tourists.

What’s been your favorite city to ride in, and why?

I grew up in NYC, but never rode my bike through Manhattan. My girlfriend Julie and I went there for a few days in May and took the bikes. I was a bit leery about her reflexes and ability to maneuver safely through the crowded streets of midtown and lower Manhattan during the morning rush. I was overly impressed by how she took me for a ride! Our plan is to do a two-week tour of Greece (on bikes), and tear up the streets of Athens and the alleys of Santorini.

Why do you love riding in the city?

I love the rush of blasting through busy intersections and squeezing in between and in front of moving cars. I was a messenger in Washington DC a few summers ago, and I’m trying to get hired again, but it’s the slow season. It also feels great to see how aggressive some drivers try to pass you, only to sit at the next bottleneck or traffic light while I cruise by. What better way to take in the sights and sounds of a city?

Poetry anyone?

I’m no Edgar Allen Poe, just get out of your cars and get on the saddle!



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