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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Invariably, this column is the final piece of the puzzle before going to print. Simultaneously polishing off the issue and introducing it to the readers is a challenge for me, but surely not for lack of enthusiasm. Each issue is more exciting than the last, with much of that excitement inspired by the contributions within. Seeing other’s work come alive on the page is thrilling every time.
Giving a proper intro can be intimidating.

Breaking down the artificial barriers between cyclists has emerged as a subtle running theme in this issue. Whether it be commuter and racer, mountain and road, geared and fixed, there always seems to be someone pointing out our differences as cyclists before looking at the far more striking similarities. The old man on the rail-trail and the kid riding a wheelie ultimately have the same reason to smile. The bikes may be different, even the motivations to ride, but the fun on two wheels is just the same.

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