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Kraynick’s Bike Shop has long served as Pittsburgh’s bicycle oracle, a place where life wisdom is passed along to anyone who cares to listen, and a couple of generations of cyclists have found their way. The casual passerby may question if the shop with the faded Schwinn sign and event posters from a decade gone in the window is still open, but for those that cross the threshold of the buzzing door there are untold riches to be discovered. It’s a cramped space stacked to the ceiling with parts from the last few decades of cycling, with half a dozen workstands in the back free for anyone that wants to take the plunge to learn how to fix a flat, adjust their derailleur or build the frankenbike of their dreams. Come Christmas-time volunteer wrenches line up at the stands to pump hundreds of donated children’s bikes into the hands of kids that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to spin the wheels. Every rider in Pittsburgh has a story about sole proprietor Gerry Kraynick in their back pocket, everyone the world over would be a better person if they had the chance to spend some time across the counter from him.