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A cue sheet is an intimate friend. The cues provided by Mr. Skogen at this year’s Almanzo 100 did more that just light the path—they provided encouragement. Early on, they were a delightful surprise. Most of the time, others will guide you down the correct roads. The path is clearly marked by many who have come before. As the ride drags on, the cues provide hope. Half a page of cues seems much easier than the 20 or so miles you have left. The space in-between each cue is filled with doubt, but upon completing another line one feels a sense of accomplishment. Flipping the cue for another is tantamount to finishing a chapter in a book, but one you’ve written yourself. They point out important features in bold type. A good example is the use of caution yellow wherever you cross or end up on pavement (as if pavement is to be avoided and reviled). Other features blend in with the rest, but those who have ridden before know exactly what “Oriole Rd.” means, and the matter-of-factness that the cue presents that road with makes it just a little easier. The cues stay on the bike for weeks after the event reminding you of your accomplishment. A constant friend through thick and thin.
–Aaron Thomas Smith

Photos by Craig Lindner,