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Editor: Brad Quartuccio -

Publisher: Jeff Guerrero -

Contributing Editor: Krista Carlson

On the cover: A cyclist participates in the Powderhorn 24 cycling ride in Minneapolis MN, at dusk on August 9, 2013. See more on page 36. Photo by Mark Brown,

Co-conspirators: David Munson, Rachel Krause, Ryan Sellers, Sam Tracy, Gunars Treikals, Luke Elrath and Andy Singer.

Urban Velo is a reflection of the cycling culture in current day cities. Our readers are encouraged to contribute their words and art.

Urban Velo is published bi-monthly. That’s six times per year, on the even months. Issues are available for free download as they become available. Print copies are available online and at select bicycle retailers and coffee shops.

Printed in Pittsburgh by JB Kreider -

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