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Technical Gubbins

Tool Free Tire Removal

Removing a tire from the rim can be a bear. Make it easier on yourself.

Firstly, make sure all of the air is out of the tube. Then work around the tire and push the bead of the tire towards the center of the rim. Notice in the inset photo that the inside of the rim is concave – pushing the bead to the center creates some slack in the tire to work with. Starting at the valve stem, go around the tire in opposite directions forcing any slack in the tire towards each other. Once opposite the valve stem, roll one side of the tire bead off the rim between thumb and forefinger. If it’s really on there you may need a tire lever to help pry it off. Not a screwdriver or anything else with a sharp edge. Once one section of the bead is off the rim, the rest is easy. Seating a tire on the rim is done in much the same fashion, simply in reverse. –Brad Quartuccio