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Dry – Many people swear by installing grips dry, using an air compressor to blow them on by inserting the air hose into the hole at the end of the grip, or under the edge of it for open-ended varieties, and covering the opposite end of the bar with their hand.

Rubbing Alcohol – Applying rubbing alcohol to the inside of the grip and then quickly sliding them on the bar works similar to the dry method above, but without an air compressor. Once the grip is on the bar the alcohol evaporates more or less completely and leaves a clean and dry interface between grip and bar.

Hairspray and Solvents – Aerosol hairspray is the classic method—spray the inside of the grip and slide it on as fast as possible. Once it dries, the hairspray acts like glue to keep the grip in place. Some hardware store solvents and cleaners (acetone, WD-40 etc) achieve the same end, but can over time degrade the rubber of the grip from the inside out.

Paint – This is my personal method, using clear spray paint to adhere the grip to the bar. It works similar to the hairspray method, but in the case of heavy rain or dipping the grip in a puddle during a crash the adhesive nature remains.

Glue – Dedicated grip glues are out there, and some people use strong spray adhesive. This can be especially useful, or even necessary, when using classic cork grips.

Wire – Many grips feature grooves on either end of the mold to fit bailing wire. Twist it tight, clip it off and push the end into the grip. It’s a fine line between too tight and not tight enough. This method is typically used alongside other adhesives for those particularly prone to twisting their grips off the bars.

No matter the method, it’s important not to twist the grips like a gorilla during installation, you don’t want to stretch them out as it doesn’t take much before no amount of glue will hold them tight. The methods that use some sort of adhesive sometimes mean that you only get one shot to put the grips on, as they may require a utility knife to come off in the case of switching a brake or shift lever. If you find yourself frequently changing your controls or plagued with constantly twisting grips lock-on designs with allen bolts to secure them to the bars are an option, as is wrapping the grip area like a road drop bar.

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