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Does Share the Road Work

By David Hoffman

Setting the “Seen”
In preparation for this article, I recently asked a friend what she thought of the “Share the Road” signs that were along a stretch of road near her house.
She replied, “What are you talking about? What ‘Share the Road’ signs?”
I described them in detail, and then went on to ask if there were lots of cyclists in her area.

“Sure.” She added, “All the time. But this stretch of road is a bit narrow for them to safely ride on, don’t you think?”
I asked what the speed limit was along this stretch of road. She immediately knew.

“Cops hang out all of the time. You can’t speed here.”
I asked her to take a careful look for the prominently posted signs time that she was out. A few days later I got a call.

“So, yeah, I saw those signs you were talking about. I’ve lived here seven years, and have never seen them.”