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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

One would imagine the introduction to the largest issue we’ve made to date would be easy. There’s a lot to choose from—repeat contributors Alex Hansen and Ed Glazar share their photos with us once again, newcomers Leonard Bonarek and Sam Tracy each give us a look into their recent cycling adventures. But even with such a wealth of content, sometimes coming up with a proper introduction after a week of deadline hustle escapes me.

Basic transportation, travel and escape is at the heart of the bicycle; its very impetus for invention. This issue reflects that—from the bridges many of us cross in our travels and the cargo we wish to carry, to the far off lands that a bicycle can transform and the huge world to explore. It is with particular honor and excitement that the last theme is covered through the writing of Sam Tracy in his On the Road to Azougui.
His now ten-year-old How to Rock and Roll is one of those books that gets passed from rider to rider, getting worn and tattered along the way to match the unmistakable style inside.

This issue marks the beginning of the end of summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the last long and warm days to take advantage of before fall and winter are upon us yet again. Ride, travel, have fun and do something you swore you’d do “over the summer.”

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An everyday use of the cargo bicycle in London. Photo by Brad Quartuccio


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