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32 Bridge Kings
Alex Hansen
The bridges of New York are among the city’s most celebrated architecture. To urban cyclists, they’re more than just grand passageways, they’re an essential part of life.

42 Community Cargo
Leonard Bonarek
A small group of inspired cyclists in Philadelphia build their own cargo bikes. The project not only bolsters our author’s way of life, his bike helps affect positive change in the community.

64 On the Road to Azougui
Sam Tracy
Cycling is not popular in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, but that doesn’t stop Peace Corps volunteers from escaping the daily grind of the city via bicycle.

74 Working Bikes
Brad Quartuccio
The Chicago cooperative is on a mission to take donated and discarded bicycles and put them back to work, helping the less fortunate both stateside and abroad.

The Working Bikes Cooperative in Chicago puts thousands of discarded bikes back on the road. Read more on page 74. Photo by Brad Quartuccio