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Brylcreemed doorman in his ironed overalls who’s seen better days, and gently place the tires on the warm tarmac. You get on and put a foot in the pedal.

It seems a new day has begun in Barcelona.

Enciclika sprang forth a year ago from the combined passions of bicycles and creative expression. Tired of breaking bones and wrecking joints with downhill and BMX we started at the same time to explore “calmer” ways to ride—fixed-gear bikes. After a trip to Tokyo in 2007, my friend Jordi came back to Barcelona convinced this was the perfect city for these kinds of bikes. The San Francisco of Europe? What happened then was only a question of time.

What is Enciclika?

Enciclika is a means to promote the “fixie” culture, in general directed at the Barcelona community but expanding to the whole Spanish-speaking world. The idea from the beginning was to create a type of media using free technology available on the internet, paying special attention to form and design.

For years Barcelona has had a small community of riders, but through the Enciclika project of the number of participants in events such as meetings and get-togethers throughout the city has grown spectacularly. The rest is thanks to the wonderful cycling community in Barcelona, who have set up their own fixed-gear club; FIXA CLUB is a non-profit organization that hopes to bring together the fixed community in Barcelona as well as the rest of Spain.

The Secret Of Barcelona
What does Barcelona have that makes it so well loved all over the world? What’s it have for cycling? The Mediterranean in its finest expression, all with a pleasant climate. Another point is relief. A city “protected” by mountains. The city is interesting, mountainous behind, with a relatively flat central part as we move towards the sea. Yes the sea! Finishing the day with the chance to see the sun again as it sets, sitting on the sand drinking a cocktail in the middle of Spring is priceless... I invite you to join the never ending party, the sun tanning the visitor’s skin, wide streets, night races, all this and much more, let us know, get in touch and we’ll be your guide.

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