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Urban Velo #13, May 2009

Editor: Brad Quartuccio -

Publisher: Jeff Guerrero -

On the cover: Ideal conditions in Denton, TX. Photo by David R. Munson,

Contents: Pedal Republik Cleveland polo tournament. Photo by Jeff Guerrero

Co-conspirators: Cecily Upton, Michael Green, Kevin Dillard, Alex Hansen, David Hoffman, Jon Pratt, Erok Boerer, Jason Montano, Roger Lootine, Terry Crock, Josh Boley, Johnny Cumlately, Devin Tucker and Andy Singer

Urban Velo is a reflection of the cycling culture in current day cities. Our readers are encouraged to contribute their words and art.

Urban Velo is published bi-monthly. That’s six times per year, on the odd months. Issues are available for free download as they become available. Print copies are available online and at select bicycle retailers and coffee shops.

Printed by Multiscope Digital, Pittsburgh, PA -

All contents © 2009 Urban Velo, no unauthorized reproduction (online or otherwise) without written consent.