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Roller Racing

A State of the Nation Report by Evan Farrar

Roller racing is spreading. Fast. In the past three years I went from having vague knowledge of one stationary bike racing setup, to seeing it live in a second city, to building one myself, to hearing about and helping others build their own nearly every day...

And today I have a hard time grasping just how many cities in North America and beyond race bikes indoors. I drew up a map as an exercise, and after making thirty little X’s I had to stop and take a breath; roller racing isn’t a small time thing anymore that is supported by a few people. It is now to the point that some of the early cities support several setups and sometimes even a real USAC sanctioned roller racing club on top of that. Here in home sweet Chicago I just can’t manage to take my rollers everywhere they’re requested, so another group has taken the totally free hardware designs and software of OpenSprints and created a second rig to raise funds for their high school track team.



  Goldsprints NYC, Photo by Ed Glazar,