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Urban Velo #1 - Bicycle Culture on the Skids

Editor: Brad Quartuccio -

Publisher: Jeff Guerrero -

Contributors (in order of appearance) The Polish Hammer, Damarak The Destroyer, Big Jonny, Chipps Chippendale, S. Lee, Erin Nicole Brown, Kent Peterson, Wes Cheney, Amy Rice, Ted King-Smith, Joel Gwadz, Bill Ketzer, Tim Woody, Corey the Courier, Olivia Edith, Andrew Trapp, Rattlecan, Bob Lafay, Erok Boerer, Roger Lootine, BillDozer, Jeff Lockwood, Justin Flagg, David Hoffman, Mike Pfaltzgraff, Kelly McCord, Joel H. Swann, Sam Blenkharn and Andy Singer

Printed by Copies@Carson, Pittsburgh, PA -