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IRD Freakishly Long Crankarms

As we all know, people vary in height quite a bit person to person. Just between those of us at Urban Velo we have a ~20% difference in height in our lineup, and while I’m kind of tall and Jeff is kind of short neither of us are even near the far ends of human stature differences. While “standard” length crank arms of 170-175 mm do work for most people there is an argument to be made, especially at the tall end of the spectrum, that longer crank arms are appropriate or even neccesary for proper fit and function on the bike. Let alone some extra leverage. Crank arms longer than 180 mm are not easy to find and typically command some pretty high prices since there just simply are not that many people looking for such lengths. Interloc Racing Design offers their triple crank arm in 180, 200 and the pictured 220 mm length for a relatively affordable $150 for a forged, square taper crankarm. Appropriate for those people our there riding 64+ cm frames that shop at the big and tall store, the IRD cranks could be a solution for those people walking around towering over the rest of us.

Read more about long crank arm theory from the master of such things, Leonard Zinn, or at Customcranks.de.

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  1. TerryNovember 6, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    Dang, I needed a 187…

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