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Introducing Gravity Check

Gravity Check is a new bike apparel company who’s focus is on the time you spend off of your bike. Yes, you can ride in these jeans, which feature reflective trim, but the idea is that these clothes give a subtle hint that identifies you as a cyclist in a non-cycling environment. Although this may sound like lofty thinking, because many cyclists are easily identifiable in casual situations by their incessant helmet-hair and permanently cuffed right pant leg, you only have to look to sports like surfing, golf, tennis, running, etc., to see similar examples.

Check out www.gravity-check.com

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  1. Walter W.August 29, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    Those jeans are certainly rad.. here’s one pair http://www.s3performance.com.au/shop/apparel/road-bike-gear/kevlar-jeans/120303 that I recently bought. It’s dandy, and highly functional to boot. Love it, so far.

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