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Introducing Eastway Bikes

st1_side Eastway Bikes is a new brand out of London, with a full range of road and ‘cross bikes suited for performance riding with a nod to commuting. In my experiences in London, there are a lot of daily riders on drop bar road bikes zipping throughout town, more so than in my casual observations in other places. From flat bar, disc brake road bikes to carbon road and cross frames and the pictured steel road frame, for UK buyers the Eastway line offers another choice in performance commuting bikes. The brand is named after the old Eastway Cycling Circuit, which was replaced by the London Velopark built in part for the 2012 Olympics but remaining as a permanent and world class cycling fixture. See the entire bike line at www.eastwaybikes.com

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  1. mlMarch 6, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    another tour/commuter 2013 bike without disc-brakes- what a bore

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