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International Win For Susan Day – August 23rd

ical-2-thumb-400x468-911David over at Bike Hugger has nominated August 23rd as International Win For Susan Day, in honor of Susan Nelson of Fat Cyclist blogging and cancer-fighting fame. Susan recently passed away after a long fight against cancer remarkably documented by her husband and eventual caretaker, inspiring countless people along the way. Through her fight, Eldon’s words and the Livestrong foundation some $500,000+ has been raised for cancer research through this year’s Fighting for Susan Livestrong Challenge teams. August 23rd coincides with the Philadelphia Livestrong Challenge, and David suggests people honor Susan as follows:

Wear your Fat Cyclist gear, LiveStrong bracelet or clothing, homemade signs, or other item to signify your personal fight against cancer and take a picture of yourself.

Next, upload the picture via twitter and post it on the 23rd with the tag #win4susan

While you’re at it, go to the Livestrong foundation and make a donation in Susan’s name. A dollar. Five bucks, ten, a hundred–whatever you can spare. Even if you’ve already donated for other people.

And then let’s win the fight against cancer. Let’s bring a voice to all of those who go unspoken. Let’s make the governments of the world take action and fight to save the lives of their citizens.

And let’s win for Susan.

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  1. GenghisKhanAugust 13, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    I’m a fan of Fatty and think this is a great idea! Good on David for making the suggestion and good on UV for toutin’ it!

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