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Interbike 2008 Track Bike Roundup

The people have spoken and the industry has listened, track bikes for the velodrome and street alike show up in greater volume every year. Here is a link filled guide to some of the fixed gear specific offerings at Interbike 2008 that we managed to catch photos of this year.

Making their official world debut, All City plans to offer rider designed, affordable track parts and frames that have the style and functionality of the higher end offerings out there.

Someone at Cinelli is clearly watching the urban track scene with a keen eye, as evidenced by their Valencia City Bar, pista bar with a flat section for a brake lever, and rather bling seatpost and retro Unicator saddle.

Felt Bicycles had the latest iteration of the Curbside on display, complete with wrench and unique 31.8mm constant diameter handlebar along with their pure track racing bike, the TK2.

After the jump, find more from Torelli, Traitor Cycles, Cane Creek, White Industries, GT, Fuji, SE Bikes, Affinity Bicycles, Masi, Redline, Marin, Pedros, Velocity, Bianchi, Schwinn, Giant, San Marco, SKS, SRAM, Euro-Asia Imports, Profile, FBM, Volume, Brooklyn Machine Works, Oury, FSA and Dia-Compe.

Torelli was busy showing off their classic looking bike with vintage, 600g+ deep section rims.

Relative newcomers Traitor Cycles came well prepared for the drunkenness that is most of Las Vegas with a PBR paint-job on their track bike with custom-cut track ends and their own 144 BCD cranks.

Cane Creek has dropped all of their wheels except for track in recent years and had a few configurations on display, this $600 clincher set and these race-only, deep-section carbon tubulars on a bare clear-coated Don Walker bicycle. Note the integrated seattube/post.

Long time boutique maker White Industries had a trick or two up their sleeve, namely their newly introduced splined track cog and hub that secures with a standard LH English-thread lockring and their double strap compatible pedals with sealed bearings inside and out.

GT is even back in the game of triple-triangle track bikes, this one complete with riser bars and a front brake out of the box.

The Fuji Track Pro is looking mighty fast, while their red and black matched steel bike hung out across the aisle.

SE Bikes has made some interesting, economical bikes for the past couple of years and updated the line with a fresh look, another red and black matched bike, and most importantly conventional three piece cranks on their bargain $360 Draft.

Affinity Bicycles made a strong showing with a few bikes better suited to the Handmade Bicycle Show than the halls of Interbike in my opinion. From this velodrome worthy aluminum bike through to these pursuit and street bikes, they had each facet of the fixed world covered.

Masi had their commuter and Speciale Fixed from the back cover of Urban Velo #9 on display, along with their aluminum and steel race geometry bikes that are clones of one another in different materials.

Redline displayed two different paint jobs on their successful 925 bike, giving people the choice between light or dark on this fender equipped commuter special.

Marin bikes was even in on the game with this sensibly subdued black and brown bike for those not into the second coming of 3D violet.

Pedros has created a multitool for the fixed rider, the Trixie with a lockring tool, 15mm wrench, bottle opener and even a few box wrenches in the handle. Featured in the rear of the photo is the vice-grip like chain-whip replacement that just makes so much damned sense I can’t believe it’s not been done before.

Velocity has expanded their non-machined Deep-V lineup to include new colors and a powdercoat process that makes detailed art possible in a permanent, long lasting and relatively affordable package. Those are decals but paint apparently so hard that brake pads tend to melt to the surface before wearing into the paint. That said, don’t even think about using a caliper brake on these rims.

Someone’s polo bike made it to the Bianchi booth sporting a Milwaukee Polo Guard. The flat-bar Pista made an appearance, and should be in shops soon, contributing to the world pistadex.

Schwinn had the Madison and Cutter bikes on display, feature the same geometry at two very competitive price points.

Giant Bicycle had anniversary editions of the Bowry in red, white, gray and some other color that we did not photograph for one reason or another.

San Marco saddle may not be track or fixed specific, but they are a crowd favorite. The Concor is back, along with a line of other classic designs.

Another not-quite track specific item, but again a favorite of those with bikes that are free from braze-ons are SKS clip-on fenders, now available in white.

SRAM had both the Truvativ Omnium 144 BCD cranks on display but also the Torpedo fixed/free hub the goes from one mode to the other with a few turns of a screwdriver inside the axle.

Perhaps the best equipped track booth of the show, Euro-Asia imports had an all silver and chrome Makino keirin bike tempting folks in from the aisle along with a line of Makino frames along the back wall. Clearly, the color-anodized phase isn’t over as evidenced by the rainbow of Kashimax Five-Gold saddles, Nitto stems, Nitto flat bars, Sugino 75 rings, and even custom done colored Miche groups in blue and red. But wait, there’s more! Namely ti-nitride coated low friction cogs in (you guessed it!) color-coded cases by number of teeth. Race only on these $100+ pieces of jewelry.

Profile has updated their burly fixed hub to a fixed/fixed version for those who prefer two different gear combinations or just a redundant set of threads.

BMX maker FBM of upstate New York had their track frames out over in the world of 20″ wheels.

Another BMX maker Volume had their gusseted track frame and complete bike in Vegas, along with this one with a beautiful blue paintjob. Coming soon: a fork that allows the tire to clear the downtube for barspins.

Is this a crummy picture of a Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track with a front disc brake? Yes, yes it is. They do exist, at least this one does.

Grip favorite Oury, “The Grip”, had their usual no-frills booth there and array of colored grips, along with lock-on variations.

FSA has updated their 144 BCD track crank to an ISIS compatible, full carbon version for those look for the most bling, the most speed, the least weight or maybe all three.

Last but not least, the Dia-Compe Shot Lever that fits next to the stem and lets you operate the brake from either side of the bar.


  1. kgSeptember 29, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    That was Montana’s polo bike.

  2. bradSeptember 29, 2008 at 10:35 pmAuthor

    Montana. I’ve been trying to get in touch with him. Anyone have any contact info?

  3. BLSeptember 30, 2008 at 12:29 am

    Nice work on the comprehensive photos, Brad! It’s like I went this year but I’m not broke and I don’t need to sit in a dark room with ice water for a day just to feel normal again…

  4. kgSeptember 30, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    I have Montana’s cell phone number. I can ask him if it’s ok to pass it on to you.

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