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I Love Riding in the City – Matthew Pierce

pierceNAME: Matthew Pearce
LOCATION: Forbes NSW Australia
OCCUPATION: College Science Coordinator

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
I live smack bang in the centre of NSW, Australia in a town called Forbes. It is fantastic riding here as we have perfectly undulating rises and falls in the landscape. You can ride around Lake Forbes or take a leisurely ride throughout the town enjoying the safe wide roads.

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
Melbourne is by far the best place to ride. It is becoming a popular place for cycle commuters. There are plenty of bike stores, cafés, restaurants, and secret back alleys.

Why do you love riding in the city?
I love to beat my mates to work. I enjoy the feeling of human power beating motors! I love having a beer after I ride home from work and knowing I didn’t pay for fuel and I had a workout!

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