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I Love Riding in the City – Johnny Torres

john-with-bikeNAME: Johnny Torres
LOCATION: Jacksonville,florida
OCCUPATION: Bicycle Mesenger

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
I live in Jacksonville, Florida which is the second biggest city land mass wise And im a bike messenger
and enjoy riding in the downtown area cause there’s a nice scene along the st johns river also there’s not lot of traffic there fore i can get my deliveries done faster. and the bike culture is big here.

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
My favorite city to ride in is new york because there’s a lot of nightlife and good pizza,bagel shops,bike culture and mass rides.

Why do you love riding in the city?
I love riding in the city because there’s a lot of places to ride
and i enjoy riding the new bike path that takes me along the st johns river into downtown near by venues,live music,bars,book stores,etc.

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  1. D TaylorMarch 7, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Thats zippy he is a good guy and a great worker best couriers in Jacksonville fl great job zippy couriers :-)

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