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Check out this beauty. Unfortunately, the one shot doesn’t do the bike justice as the details are what really set this recent build by Kevin Harvey apart. The bike was completed just in time to ship out this past Wednesday to a rider taking part in the Cascade 1200, a randonee going down in the Pacific Northwest that takes riders over 1200 km from the Cascade mountains to the foothills of Mount Rainier.

The bike features a standard S&S coupling on the downtube along with a Ritchey break away lug on the seat tube, a wireless dynamo hub that signals to a connection point in the dropouts that then runs through an internally routed wiring system to a USB charger head tube attachment, a custom built front rack and rear racks (not shown) that will collapse to fit inside the panniers, and many more randoneering details. There are so many other small surprises that would go unnoticed if not pointed out specifically. Look for a shop visit in the future.

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