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Hanford Cycles Rando Bike


Hanford Cycles is the custom brand of Simon Firth, long time bicycle fabricator and one-half of Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles. The name goes back to Simon’s first bicycle related job delivering groceries as a teenager in Hanford, England. He spent fourteen years at Bilenky Cycle Works before pairing up with friend and fellow builder David Wilson to open a transport oriented bike shop in Philadelphia.

This bike is classic randonneur style, a mix of modern and vintage that is together timeless. It’s a straightforward build for the all day country road tourer, or long distance commuter. The bike speaks for itself, a real beauty. Lugged construction throughout, the only complete giveaways to modern construction are the threadless headset and Dynamo generator light, each worthwhile updates of the truly inferior technology before them. I just love the seatstay mounted pump holder.

Simon is focussed on the shop at this point, with Hanford Cycles taking a back seat to the full-service transport and cargo bike shop of Firth & Wilson. Custom work is available, but your best bet is to visit the shop and find out details for yourself.

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  1. AnthonyFebruary 5, 2014 at 7:42 am

    Nice Bike!

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