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So, I don’t hate this, but let’s be real, this isn’t a bike. Or a “half-bike”. It’s a trike. A stand up trike at that. Further, it seems like a cross between a Segway and, if you’re old enough to remember it, a Le Run. Still, it’s got bike wheels, is human-powered, and looks to move relatively quickly. I’d prefer to use it with horizontal bars instead of the singular grip, but it looks fun regardless. Of all the weird bike-ish contraptions that fill the rail-trails out there, this at least looks to be less intrusive than others. And at least the creator has a sense of humor about the whole project, as evidenced in the video.

Halfbikes.com for more info.

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  1. KyleMarch 26, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    Looks like they literally reverse-engineered this: http://imgur.com/7lcJTMa

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