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GreenGuru FreeRider Commuter Pannier

The GreenGuru FreeRider is a simple open top pannier meant to be left on the bike, doing duty holding a backpack or other cargo. The FreeRider locks in place for an extended stay on your rear rack, and is made in the USA of durable, upcycled materials. Top compression straps cinch it down to a slim profile when not in use, and the addition of a reflective triangle panel never hurts visibility. Available with either bicycle tube or vinyl awning scraps as the body panel. For the dedicated utilitarian rider, a locking bag like this might be a simple solution to prevent bag theft without having to remove and attach panniers at every stop.

Sometimes the best crowdsourced projects to feature are the ones that quickly reach their funding level. This one took only two weeks time, showing that people are into this $60 – $75 bag for their carrying needs. If you like what you see there is a little over a month to go to preorder your own at the FreeRider Kickstarter.

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  1. PaulMay 1, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    I am amazed that this was so quickly crowd sourced. there are already several panniers like this on the market and some are less expensive.
    Timbuk2, Banjo Bros, Blackburn and Jandd are just a few that come to mind.
    Just don’t see the benefit of this particular bag. Sorry.

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