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Fyxation Mesa MP Pedals Available

Fyxation has been showing off their new Mesa MP pedal for a few months now, and production versions are now available for order. I’ve been a big fan of the original all-nylon Mesa since I received a set a little over a year ago, and all told they have held up well with a few of the pins having worn off in the time. The Mesa MP addresses my concerns—the replaceable metal pins won’t wear as quickly, the axle ends are beefier, and the axle itself features a larger 8 mm allen key on the spindle along with 15 mm wrench flats. I’ve been riding the Mesa MP for a couple of weeks now and overall no news is good news. Not surprisingly the MP version provides a better grip, especially when wet, but otherwise brings to the table all of the things I like about the original. As compared to the Mesa, the Mesa MP gains a few grams and a few dollars, the 350 g Mesa MP is available for $60.

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