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Folding Handlebars

According to www.tuvie.com, this folding handlebar design serves two purposes: One, it reduces the amount of storage space required for a full-size bike, and two, the locking feature provides an additional level of security.

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  1. Shiny FluOctober 31, 2008 at 4:11 am

    Great idea… poorly executed.

    There’s a long list of faults I can point out on the design:
    - Width looks fairly narrow/hipster friendly
    - Shifters???
    - right bar end plug, or will it take a leg sample if you crash?
    - Just how reliable are QRs for handlebar support, considering I considerably load a lot of force into my bars when climbing.
    - what happens if I have 100mm 10 degree positive rise stem and I have a compact frame? How will I eliminate the simple-to-solve-front-wheel-flop-by-holding-it-with-your-hand?

    The greatest flaw though is the CIRCULAR KEY lock. Brilliant.

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